Graphic Design

Anything from basic prints such as posters and brochures to digital social media posts, campaigns, animations and more. Click below to view some of my best graphic design projects.


Portrait, landscape and merchandise photography. All of the photos are edited with Lightroom and Photoshop. Click to view gallery to see some of my latest photography and editing.

Web Design

Coding basic web pages using CSS and HTML, as well as CMS websites which include WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace. Visit the website below to see a landing page created in Dreamweaver.  



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My name is Diana Dundukova, I consider myself an ambitious and strategic business women. I found my passion for business early on in childhood, when I would roam the streets with a garbage bag full of my toys, trying to make a profit. Let me tell you, I was a success! 


From then on, I taught myself photography skills, and pursuit my associates in graphic design, and bachelors in marketing. Besides striving to constantly grow my professional self, I am also a style enthusiast. I love captivating aesthetic, whether it’s on social media, or a company’s branding. I hope my passion leads my work to become a way of life hopefully as a creative director.


Check out my work, and let’s get in touch if you like what you see 😉


Check out a more detailed portfolio of my work on Behance! Feel free to drop a comment of what you like or even a roast. Any way I can improve is always appreciated. Thanks!


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