Graphic Design

Anything from prints such as posters and brochures to digital social media posts, campaigns, animations, and more. Click below to view some of my best graphic design projects.


Portrait, landscape and merchandise photography. All of the photos are edited with Lightroom and Photoshop. Click to view gallery to see some of my latest photography and editing.

Web Design

Explore Mariposa Family Therapy website created using WordPress and Elementor. The branding, logo and website were all created from scratch.


A Memorable Moment

A Memorable Moment Ambassador Spotlight: Larry Willaims Imagine showing up to work on a day that feels just like any other but encountering one of the most prolific artists in history, who happens to notice your work. For starters, the odds of running into a large celebrity name in Downtown

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4 Ways to 10K

4 Ways to Think about $10k “Without money, there is no mission!” While your mission may be the most motivating factor in your business life, it cannot happen without hard work, dedication, and yes, revenue. As STS™ founder Misty Lown says, “Without money, there is no mission!”   In order

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The Livability Network

The Livability Network “People have difficulty asking for help or accepting it. Some people need help just to ask for help.” Out of 75,729 total interactions made by the Ambassadors in 2022, 3,746 were interactions between a special outreach team and residents requiring assistance. This data highlights that hospitality services

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Crafting Emails That Drive Results

Crafting Emails That Drive Results In a world of overflowing inboxes, how do you write marketing emails that stand out? Cut through the clutter with these five proven email marketing best-practices:   Start with the Subject Line Like a book by its cover, your audience will judge your email by

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Don’t Go Wild with Your Brand Color Palette

Don’t Go Wild with Your Brand Color Palette Has your brand outgrown its color palette? Are you trying to connect with a new audience? Has your company’s strategy changed, or maybe your business expanded past its original geography? Answering “yes” to any of these questions could mean that it is

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about me

Diana is a Ukrainian-born businesswoman who is passionate about education and marketing. She considers herself “a learner for life”, and that can be seen in her educational track record. Starting with AAS in Graphic Design, she quickly moved on to a BBA in Marketing, and now she is pursuing her MBA with a concentration in Business Strategy.


She enjoys problem-solving, and lives by the motto of “everything is figureoutable“. Other than her professional attributes, she loves to stay active, go to concerts, and spend time with her family.