The social space is crowded. To attract potential customers, it’s important to capture their attention and maintain their engagement over time. 


How do we accomplish that?


Developing social media content that puts THEM at the center of the story. Enough blasting followers with what your latest offer is 24/7, it’s time to provide value and content they want to see!


That’s how you WIN the social media game!

Diana Dundukova social media example to raise funds for Ukraine


This is a crucial point where the customer decides whether or not they want to give you their business. Don’t overlook this!

During the design process, I ask myself these questions:

  • Is it readable/legible?
  • Does it look trustworthy or credible? 
  • Is it easy to use and navigate?
  • What’s the call to action?
  • Can I skim the text to get the information?

Let’s say less is more when it comes to web design! 


No matter what anyone says, print is NOT out of style! The digital ad space is overwhelming, so going old school can effectively break through all the digital noise. 


But print is also more than a postcard jammed in your mailbox. It’s anything from sleek packaging that makes you impulsively buy something to a publication of your favorite magazine.

Even in the digital age, we can’t overlook print!


This is how we showcase the personality of your business and tell the story of your product/service. 


Are you edgy and cool, or are you friendly and welcoming? Colors, fonts, and little graphic elements can say so much about who you are as a business. 


This is how you stand out!


What better way to convey a message than a photo or video? I mean, after all, a picture is worth 1,000 words. 


Great photos and videos are a necessary element to a successful business. They act as the backbone for all the areas mentioned above.


Stock photos are great in a pinch, but nothing tells a better story about your business than quality brand photos!